How to Make Yourself Look Completely Different and Beautiful

  • Part 1: Taking Care of Yourself 1. Drink enough water.  2. Eat healthfully. 3. Listen to your body. 4. Exercise regularly. 5.Have good hygiene.  6. Keep a daily journal. 7. Meditate regularly. 8. Be positive. 9. Smile and be confident. 10. Get enough sleep.  Part 2: Changing Your Hair 1. Cut and/or color your hair.  2. Determine your face shape. 3. Decide which hairstyles best suit your face shape.  4. Consider coloring your hair.  5. Keep your hair healthy.  Part 3: Wearing makeup. 1. Know how to keep it looking natural.  2. Use eye makeup to play up your eyes.  3. Wear lipstick. 4. Use lip liner. 5. Balance your makeup.  6. Consider using contour makeup.  7. Wash the makeup off well.

How to use our HC02 hair curler?

  • OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS The professional LCD Automatic Hair Styler will create many different ripple effects on the hair. It's easy to experiment with different settings to achieve the desired results. Always make sure that your hair is clean, dry and combed and that the wicks you want to curl do not exceed 3 cm wide. The type of curl will depend on the selected temperature and the timer setting that dictates the amount of time that the hair is kept inside the curved chamber. TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT A plurality of temperature selection, 140 ° C - 230 ° C. We recommend that you always make the temperature setting lower and gradually increase the heat level. You can choose the temperature of 140 ° C - 230 ° C according to your hair. TIME SETTING There are several timer audio beep indicators. Each setting will give different ripple effect. Longer times for longer hair with more volume. But the results also depend on the type of hair. You can according to the degree of hair you need to adjust the time, from 8, 10, 12, 15. RIPPLE SETTING (right/left/auto) Use the curve direction control to choose a uniform or natural finish. Select the direction of the curve by sliding the key to the left 'L' or to the right 'R'. When styling the left side of the hair, slide the key to the correct position 'L'. When styling the right side of the hair, slide the key to the correct position – 'R'. This ensures that the curvature is facing the face on both sides of the head and will give a more uniform style. For a more natural look, select the 'A' setting. This will alternate the direction of the curve. The direction of rotation of curly hair.

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